Cosmic Pineapple 2021 round-up – Create Your Own Reality

Closing out another huge year of change in mamma earth, Cosmic Pineapple’s curator, Kim Booth, takes a little look back on the magic we created together this year.

Since its birth in 2015 (after the seed was planted in 2012), the ethos of Cosmic Pineapple is to be a place of connection to the self, the other and planet earth, to offer articles and experiences to help us connect and heal on a deeper level, to expand our cosmic awareness – and to have FUN!

The theme for the 2021 events was Create Your Own Reality – with the strong message that you can create the reality you desire. With a practice of trust, surrender and a “see what happens” attitude, we did create some magic – and some noise!

Below for some of our 2021 highlights! Thank you to everyone who got involved and made everything so special!



Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes – Create Your Own Reality 

This year we held seven events at Pikes in Ibiza. In the Cosmic Activation Dome we had drumming workshops from Ibiza based percussionist Yaron, (the police came to close one because the drums made so much noise!), Lex Empress and her wonderful Soul Song created memories in the dome and under the olive tree, a storm buzzed all around as Laor gave a Voice Essence workshop, an Aquarian Full Moon held all Aquarian teachers in the dome and offerings including Voice Activation with Aura, a cacao ceremony with Charito Wellness, yoga with Soul Adventures, a sound journey with Music Medicine, womb healing with Ibiza Doula and more. Plus offerings including tantra with Coco and Genia, guided meditations from Kath Berry and Betta, nutrition talks from Mays, a sustainable living talk from Casita Verde, Breathwork with Angharad and Niraj, Movement Medicine with Isza and much more.
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Soundtracking the Cosmic Pineapple experience we had resident Cici, who played every event this summer amidst playing all over Europe, plus guests including Adam Beyer, Arveene, Ben Bix, Ben Westbeech, Ceri, Cin City, Francesca Lombardo, Ida Engberg, Josh Wink, Looka Barbi, Luca C, Lex Wolf, Mose, Nils Olav, Sasha, Voodoo and Prayers and William Djoko, who were all amazing!

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One of the summer highlights was the Nixi Music takeover with Curawaka Live (also our first live show at Cosmic Pineapple). Curawaka are a really special band who are deeply connected to the earth’s wisdom and teachings, which they weave into songs that are prayers for the new earth. It was a true healing power through music moment! Nixi Music label head, Nils Olav, played before and Mose played an experimental live set after.

phrank-2021-09-07-08693    phrank-2021-09-07-08485



Elsewhere creativity took over Pikes. We had the Once Upon A Time night market with lots of unique, creative and individual sellers from across Ibiza. You could make your own smudge stick, purchase crystals, natural handmade lotions and potions, unique clothing and get your face painted. Plus storytelling and poetry, light painting, light language, live art, healers offering energy work, massage, tarot, sound healing and more. And BaybJane tootling around… If you ever get to have a chat with BayBJane you will always come away feeling better.





















Cosmic Pineapple is a charity event, done in a different way. I have fused my knowledge of promoting events, with the wisdom and ceremonial teachings I have learnt, and a deep Aquarian sensibility to lift others. We have raised over 30,000 euros  since the events began, something I am very proud of, and this year we raised funds and awareness for – In Place Of War, Amos Trust, clean water for the Yawanawa tribe in Brazil, Care 4 Cats, Amazon Front Lines and more.



Cosmic Summer

In June for summer solstice, our cosmic rainbow tent was dusted off and set up at Big Foot festival for a cosmic and creative corner. One of the first large scale events allowed, it was a crazy festival, every step of the way we were wondering if we should actually be doing this and somehow, we were. I have never seen so many children be as wild! As some parents of a toddler pointed out, this was the first time their child had been around people in their life ! Imagine the sensory input after being locked up for so long !

In August, we set up our rainbow tent at Camp Bestival in the healing fields and awaited to see what would happen. Walking through the Bestival site was like walking in a Terry Gilliam movie, crazed children that had not been let out for some time, ran around over taken in colours and explosions of joy. We created a a little space for them to come and rest from the madness – make a fairy wand with magic intention, make art, worry dolls… I also held space for sound healings in Rob’s Hello Sleep Retreat area.


In other August movements, I gave a yoga class on the Sunday morning of Medicine festival – one of the most favourite festivals I have been to! It was held in a beautiful location and with beautiful music and teachings. I also played crystal singing bowls in a spaceship for the Pikes takeover of Marston Park and closed off my UK offerings with crystal bowl sound journeys and a cacao ceremony at Lost Village Festival. One of my favourite things is opening the door to people for cosmic connection for the first time, I love when the light goes on inside…



Cosmic Boat Ride on Saga
Last year, as we slowly emerged from lockdown, we took a cosmic boat ride to Es Vedra and held a full moon cacao ceremony at the mystical rock. This year, we set sail and cosmically had four dolphins as our guide to the rock. It was MAGIC! Click image below watch a little video.
Screenshot 2021-12-29 at 20.59.19
Cosmic and Creative day
Cosmic closed out the events  season with a cosmic and creative day held in the heart of ibiza – a day of yoga, paint your light body art, singing, dancing…. Nourishment to reset and make you feel good – with the ethos of cosmic and creative connection.
Cosmic Pineapple Radio Show
Episode one was aired last week. Playing medicine music on the airwaves is something quite special. The first 30 minutes I played music from artists including Curawaka, Giselle World, Porangui, Ayla Schafer and Mose, and Cici took over for the last thirty minutes as our special guest. Cici has been resident since the first ever Cosmic Pineapple event and was the perfect first guest, Telepopmusik ‘Breathe’ (a good reminder in these times) was a moment! Click image to listen and watch our first show!
As the world slowly starts to emerge into a new reality, consciousness has risen. We all seem to know ourselves a little better; layers have been peeled back and what needs to be healed has been unearthed. We release energy that no longer works and welcome the new, unsure exactly what it is, but understanding on an intuitive level, that things are evolving and we all have special lights to share.
With love and gratitude, Kim xx

 Images by and Tasya Menaker

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