An introduction to the Pandora Star

Open your third eye and enter a kaleidoscope of colours with the Pandora Star LED light box.  

Pandora Star is an LED Lamp designed to open your third eye and take you to zen like meditative states. Programmed with different light frequency settings, as you lay with your eyes closed underneath the flickering light, it stimulates the pineal gland, opening up your senses and taking you into a kaleidoscope of colours and sacred geometry. With each experience unique to the next… I tried this back in March in Los Angeles and experienced awesome psychedelic tripping under the light, whilst zoning out to a crystal singing bowl session. It made me think a lot how music played with vibrational intention, alongside lights programmed to stimulate certain areas of your brain, can have powerful and beneficial frequency effects.  On July 19th, Alex Young from Body Energy Love is coming to Ibiza for one week to offer sessions with the Pandora Star, alongside alchemy crystal bowl healing sessions – merging sound and vision for healing potential. I have asked him some questions below.


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Who invented the Pandora Star and why?

Pandora Star was invented by two gentleman from the UK, Todd Acamecis and Jimi Simpson. The Pandora Star was created to experience a range of beneficial states of unlimited brainwave potential through the technology of LED light flicker. Todd and Jimi worked and studied with the predecessor to the Pandora call the Lucia NO.3 (Austrian) for many years and then found a way to minimize cost at a fraction of the cost so more people could work and share the effect that is spreading world wide.


What is the intention of the Pandora Star? 

The Pandora Star has many empowering applications from helping people relax, reducing stress, astral projection, memory, pain relief and many more. It is powerful. It is used privately and commercially by brainwave entrainment enthusiasts, biofeedback technicians, conscious researchers, personal development trainers, holistic and metaphysical practitioners, spiritual retreats, float tanks centers, health spas and more.



How many settings and what does each setting mean?  

There are Currently 63 sessions available that explore a wide range of different frequencies from Delta (Dream states) <4hz to 200hz Lambda (Higher awareness mental states of meditation).People who are interested in working with Pandora Star are not required to program the star itself as it comes with a great variety of sessions already loaded and constantly being created by the Pandora Spa in house programing team. Using it is as simple as selecting your favorite techno track on your iPhone.


How is it programmed?

The Pandora Star has a sequence software editor that is highly programmable that allows you to create limitless sessions for all personal and professional practices. through the sequencing and control of the flickering light, the Pandora makes it possible to access any frequency state from 0.1 Hz to 200 Hz.

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Which gland does it activate? 

The Pandora Star Stimulates specifically the pineal gland, this is the only organ in the body besides the eyes that is activated by light. The pineal is so called the seat of the soul and the importance of this glad is of the most high when staying health as it regulates our melatonin, serotonin and release of spirit molecule DMT.


What do you personally do with the Pandora Star in your work? 

In my personal work I use it as a way to self medicate naturally and actively meditate, in the way if I need some guidance on something I will lay under the lamp and shine light on the matter at hand, just like anyone would do but I tend to find the light helps accelerate the clarity of my mind and the sharpness of my intuition. The Light has truly been a way to bring my light into my life. Using the lamp in small and large groups is noting sort of amazing when everyone connects to create portals of love and light together, the potential for magic comes to an all time high bringing oneness in the light zone as we like to call it. Communion with our higher selfs through our faith and illuminated bodies we together fill the light zone with our mind, body, heart and spirit.


How does a light session work? 

During a light session, you sit in front of, or lie under the light, whichever is more comfortable. Your eyes remain closed throughout the session in a relaxed manner. We take great care in ensuring that program selected is perfect fit for the intentions you have brought into the session, whilst making sure that it is not too strong for you as to make you feel uncomfortable .

It is a very safe process and to date thousands of people have experienced the light all around the planet with amazing feedback. The highly programmable software allows us to create limitless sessions for all professional and personal needs.

By focusing the lights past your closed eye-lids onto the back of the retinas, the light provides a visible frequency entrainment of psychedelic patterns of shapes colors and images, allowing an inversive environment for deep level brainwave entrainment. Many users have reported a range of powerful and beneficial experiences and almost all feel strongly empowered after the session.


For more information, purchasing and training with the light you can contact Alex Young at

This post was written by Kim Booth