Soul Writing

A tool to help you find inner connection and figure things out. 

I learnt this little trick from reading Carl Jung’s book ‘Memories, Dreams, Reflections‘ a few years ago. I wish I still had the copy so I could relay it properly (I gave my copy away as I wanted the wisdom to spread) but, I shall try my best to give the overview.

Whenever something is bothering you, that is maybe going around in your head and won’t stop, a little trick, that Jung often used, is to write to your soul. I think Jung called it other names too, related to the unconscious, and you could also say your higher self, but let’s call this soul writing.

Get a pen and paper, take a few breaths and clear your mind of clutter. Feel yourself rooted into the earth and bring your attention and awareness to your heart space. Write down the question that is bothering you, it is good to start with “Dear Soul…“.

Relax and wait for the answer. Don’t think and just let the pen go and do what it will. It may take a while, you may stop and start, you may draw a picture (spirals are good), but you will find (usually) that an answer comes.

The answers we seek are always inside, we just need to clear the mind and let the answers flow.

The dictionary definition of soul is: “The spiritual or immaterial part of a human being or animal, regarded as immortal.”

If we trust that we are part of something much bigger and immortal – if we trust that we are spirit – we can stop searching outside for the answers and find them inside. Spirit permeates through everything that exists. Sometimes in the physical realm, with unkind human behaviours, we can forget this, but spirit is always there, working.

It is usually our own mind chatter (yogis call it the monkey mind) and lack of connection to the heart space that gets in the way of the truth we seek. For me, as an Aquarian and used to being in the mental realm, I find it too easy to go to the head rather than the heart, and this is where confusion takes over. When I am in my heart and when I am trusting, this is when I flow on a truer frequency. Heart connection and connection to the essence of our true selves leads to a deeper understanding of how everything works.

If you find that the soul writing doesn’t work at first, meditate, do some exercise (yoga is great for shifting things), go for a walk, or do some art and then try again. You may also find that the answer doesn’t come immediately, but may come later – for example in your dreams, when your ego energies are lowered and the unconscious and soul messages can come through.


This post was written by Kim Booth