Love Amplified: A Crystal Healing Meditation

Join Wolf Sister, Crystal Healer, tarot reader and author of The Crystal Code for a crystal infused workshop, activating the healing powers of Rose Quartz; the famous love stone, at Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes on September 6.

Rose Quartz is a heart opening crystal that will activate your heart chakra and support you to increase your capacity for love. It teaches us kindness, compassion, forgiveness, generosity, acceptance and how to receive love in every aspect of our lives.

Let’s admit it, we all want MORE love in our lives and this crystal can show us the way.

In this workshop you’ll be guided through a series of practices from Wolf Sister’s upcoming book. You’ll learn about the wonderful ways that Rose Quartz can weave its magic into your life, how to turn up the volume to your intuition and harness the superpowers of the love stone.

This is where you’ll get to connect with your heart and rewrite your love story.

Single, loved up or somewhere in-between; this one’s for you.

Get to know your crystal beyond the generic guides and find out what Rose Quartz wants to say to you as Wolf Sister leads you in a meditation where you’ll immerse yourself in the healing frequencies of this crystal.

It starts with learning how to unlock the power of your crystals.

And finishes with you soaking up the soothing vibrations of Rose Quartz.

Expect to leave feeling love stoned.

Don’t worry if you’ve never held a crystal, meditated or have left your crystals at home. We’ve got you. You’ll receive a piece of rose quartz to connect with and take away.

Soak up the soothing frequencies of Rose Quartz. Surrender. Let any worries and stress fade away. Turn up the volume of your heart. Prepare to feel love stoned – the ultimate natural high. Single, loved up or somewhere in-between; this one’s for you.

Wolf Sister is a crystal healer, tarot reader, reiki master, shamanic practitioner and author of The Crystal Code (October 2018). She’s an intuitive healer, who infuses mystic wisdom with everyday life. Her book is a modern guide to crystal healing that will inspire you to dust off your crystals and transform your life, one crystal at a time. Available to preorder on Amazon now.

Join Wolf Sister for her heart chakra crystal healing journey at Cosmic Pineapple at Pikes on September 6.