Heart Blessing – Create a Magic Spell to bless and open your heart

Join Semra, eclectic witch, creator of Mama Moon Candles and author of soon to be launched book, Everyday Magic, for a herbal spell making and manifesting workshop at Cosmic Pineapple on September 6.

Herbs and flowers are filled with magical super powers. They are charged up with the energetic properties of the earth and each plant contains specific vibrations and unique properties to assist you when setting intentions and manifesting. 

Herbs can be used in a ritualistic way to help you gain focus and clear creative blocks and assist you with finding courage to manifest making positive changes in our lives.

I invite you to join me in a spell making workshop where I will show you how to make your own magical insence blend.


Heart blessing 

This is a blessing to send to your heart; sending it courage to be open to giving and receiving love.

You will need
5 cloves
a pinch of fennel seeds
a pinch of rose petals
5 drops of lavender essential oil

A charcoal disc and ceramic or fire proof bow

Blend the cloves, fennel seeds and rose petals in a pestle and Mortar in a clockwise direction… add the Lavender essential oil

Light the charcoal (with some tongs or tweezers so that you don’t burn your fingers)
And when it starts sparking place in a heatproof dish
Place a small pinch of the spell at time over the hot charcoal disc

As the smoke travels whisper in to it the words  “I am worthy, I am loved, I am enough.”

Place your hands on your heart and feel it beat, tell your heart that this smoke is a blessing to thank it for keeping you alive.

Visualise your heart radiating beautiful light from within.

Know that with your heart you are able to bring happiness in to the world and spread love and joy to those around you….

Semra will give a magic heart blessing spell workshop at Cosmic Pineapple on September 6

Semra’s book: ‘Every Day Magic’ is released in October, pre order HERE