Cosmic Pineapple – Earth Magik – Iceland retreat

December 19 – 23: Cosmic Pineapple four day retreat in Iceland – connect to the magic of Iceland, winter solstice and December’s full moon. 

Winter Solstice – December 21 –  marks the longest night and shortest day in the northern hemisphere. In Iceland, a whisper of light rises around midday lasting a few hours before the sky returns to darkness. Yet, this shortest day of the year marks a celebration, of the light that is to return. I spent the winter in Iceland some years ago with the intention to go into my darkness and find the cosmic and creative flame within. This was the first time I really deeply connected to winter solstice and the earth’s rhythms and her magic – stepping on new snow as it lay on the earth, witnessing the majesty of the Northern lights, witnessing the beauty of nature’s nakedness, laying in natural outdoor heated pools, sitting cozy inside. I meditated a lot, I studied a lot and I also connected to Icelandic shamanism in this time and was able to see and feel a deeper connection to the magic of earth all around. Iceland is the most powerful land I have visited. The land of fire and ice has volcanoes, glaciers, gésiers, hot springs and a nation of beautiful, creative people that believe in elves and fairies… My intention on this retreat is for us to live and connect in a community space, to let go of what is no longer needed, to connect to mother earth and her rhythms, to shed a layer of conditioning, connect to our inside light, our source, and see and feel that magic that exists for us all.


Overview of Cosmic intentions:

Through yoga, meditation, sound journeys, a cacao ceremony, organic vegan food and drink, earth connection, workshops and an Icelandic sweat lodge, we will connect not only to the winter solstice energies on December 21, but also to the energy of the full moon, only a day later. The retreat will be set at Spirit Farm, a community oriented farm situated next to a river close to the Golden Circle and other beautiful natural wonders. This will be a lot about letting go, reflection and stepping into the new. The land of fire and ice awaits!



Nature day trip

Icelandic Shamanic Solstice Sweat lodge

Full moon cacao ceremony

Daily yoga and meditation

Crystal sound journey

Vegetarian food menu

Sample day timings:

9  – 10.30 Morning Yoga

10.30 – 11.30 Breakfast

12 – 1.30  Workshop

2 – 3.00 Lunch

3.00 – 6.30 Free time to relax/ explore  / therapies

6.30 – 8pm – Evening yoga class, meditation or ceremony  

8 – 9.30pm – Dinner  

9.30pm – Free time – sky watching is advisable!

*Price includes full board and all meals for the week – flights not included.




December 19

Afternoon arrival / / 5pm opening ceremony // evening yoga class // welcome dinner

December 20 

Morning yoga // Golden Circle day trip and visit natural hot spring // Crystal Sound healing meditation


December 21 – winter solstice
Morning Yoga // Solstice art workshop // Icelandic Shamanic Solstice Sweat Lodge – connection and reflection


December 22 – full moon 

Morning Yoga // Full moon cacao ceremony and celebration // Cosmic dinner Feast!

December 23 

Morning grounding yoga, breakfast and integration. Check out @ midday




Cosmic Pineapple Earth Magik Retreat – Iceland

December 19 – 23 (check in 3pm / check out midday on the 23rd)



Polar Bear Room (Triple – one double and one single) 

Three people sharing– 1,555 GBP (250,000 ISK) // Two people sharing – 1,444 GBP (230,000 ISK) // One person – 1,111 GBP (175,000 ISK)

Last minute deal available for this remaining room!




*** SOLD OUT *** Rabbit Room (Double) –  ***SOLD OUT ***

Two people sharing – 1,444 GBP // One person – 1,111 GBP

 RAabbit room



*** SOLD OUT *** Owl Room (Double) – *** SOLD OUT ***

Two people sharing – 1,444 GBP // One person – 1,111 GBP



*** SOLD OUT *** Whale Room (Double) *** SOLD OUT ***

Two people sharing 1,333 GBP (215,000 ISK) // One person – 999 GBP (160,000 ISK)




Arctic Fox (Bunk bed twin)

*** SOLD OUT *** Two people sharing – 1,111 GBP   // One person – 888 GBP  *** SOLD OUT ***

arctic fox



Puffin Room (Bunk Bed Twin) 

*** SOLD OUT *** Two people sharing 999 GBP (160,000 ISK) // One person – 888 GBP (144,000 ISK)*** SOLD OUT *** 

puffin room 2




 Islander Day Prices:

20,000 ISK per day for full day pass –  19th/ 20th / 21st – including all day activities 


Solstice Sweat only: 8.000 ISK

(including food and drink after)

Experience a powerful Icelandic Shamanic sweat-lodge with Heimur. Going deep within to honour the winter solstice energies. Letting go into the womb of Mother Earth and into the flames, ready for transformation.

sweat lodge

Full Moon cacao Ceremony only: 7,000 ISK

(including food and drink after)

Only a day after Winter solstice we receive the final full moon of 2018. Full moons are traditionally about cycles completing and shedding what is no longer needed to get closer to our true self. Honouring the energies of this Full Moon, we will work with raw cacao medicine to open our hearts and clear our paths. Through breath,  mantra, movement and crystal sounds, we will shift what is no longer needed and awaken to our true essence in preparation for a magical new cycle!  “Cacao is a medicine and a gift from Mother Earth. It not only opens the heart, but also activates the pineal gland, and so much more, which I will share with you when we sit in circle.”





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*Prices inclusive of all teachings and vegetarian meals (vegan available on request).
** Transfers can be arranged on request.

***A deposit of 555 GBP will be required to reserve your space 

Please email for all enquiries