Ethically sourced coffee scrub from Another World Belfast

Cleanse, exfoliate and deeply moisturise – The Coffee Scrub from Another World Belfast is a conscious consumer’s dream! 

Ethically sourced and set to be the next best thing for your bathroom shelf, The Coffee Scrub works on three levels to cleanse, exfoliate and deeply moisturise. It is packed with great ingredients that have been thoughtfully brought together to be skin loving and always nourishing.

Within The Coffee Scrub’s biodegradable pouch you will find fresh ground Fairtrade coffee – used for blood flow, combined with an ancient oil complex of almond and olive for vitamin, mineral and moisturising qualities. This invigorating product is brought together with a mineral salt base of Himalayan and Eastern Atlantic sea salt and a subtle mix of the finest lemongrass, sweet orange or blue eucalyptus essential oils. It’s recommended as a twice weekly ritual, or it can be used as an effective all over body toxin deep cleanse for those times when’s its necessary to rebalance your skin and energy inside and out.

With The Love Box Project, a care package programme for the homeless based back in Belfast and now this social enterprise in the sun, this team of two are currently making their not for profit dreams come true right here in Ibiza.

Follow their journey @AnotherWorldBelfast and find Connor & Becky at the next Cosmic Pineapple event at Pikes Hotel on July 26th.