The Bright, Fresh Days of Summer… Summer Solstice!

“With the Sun high in the sky we celebrate the longest day. This special day contains more hours between sunrise and sunset than any other day of the year.” Jo Little gives some tips for cleansing ahead of Summer Solstice.

From here on in it’s only getting hotter (here in Southern California anyway!). The hills turn from lush green to scorched brown and when June gloom clears the flowers will have withered to nothing and only the fennel flowers will survive the change in season.

Summer is the season of growth and maturation. Plants grow avidly, producing abundant leaves and fruits, and we too have a spurt of growth and expansion in our lives giving us powerful energy that if used correctly can be channeled into something great. It is the way of the season, the flow of the Earth, the circadian rhythm of our spinning rock! The effect of the sun hitting the northern hemisphere on the tilt of the axis ignites the fire inside us and brings about the heat of passion.

So as the Sun glares down on us, how does that affect us little people, here on Earth?

Well, to start with our energy levels change and our physical energy goes up, which is a great thing.  We are able to spend more time in nature, with more daylight both early and late… Waking up for sunrise is like an early morning adventure; being out in the world while most are sleeping is a special time of day.

Do you remember those crazy summers when you were growing up? That time of year when everyone just seemed to go wild, so many fun adventures! Well, it’s not surprising when we think about the cosmic energy raining down on us from the intense radiance of the Sun.

The Sun is the ruler of intuition, with seeing and insight we can connect to our deeper knowing. The pineal gland is activated by light, this ancient light meter, or the camera lens of consciousness is said to open or close depending on how much light you can handle. By becoming aware of our feelings and not just following your thoughts you can be inspired in the direction of your dreams.




5 Tips for Summer Cleansing 


  • Drink tons of water

Well, maybe not tons… but half your pound body weight in fluid oz. is what your body requires to stay hydrated and detox the body. Or fennel tea is a great herb to work with in the summer months, it’s abundant around LA and you can pick it wild on your hike, or go for a medicinal grade tea bag…my personal fave is Alvita.

  • Get Active

Go outdoors and feel the sun, move your body and get the energy pumping through you. You don’t have to climb a mountain or run a marathon, even taking your shoes of and dancing wildly on the grass will get your heart going and raise your energy levels.

  • Celebrate

In the height of summer we have always had so much to celebrate, there are so many ways to show your appreciation for the Sun and its power, dancing on the grass while barefoot.

  • Goal Setting

With the Sun closest to us, we have so much drive inside us, capitalise on this energy and channel it into something that will contribute to your life. Use your intuition to get clear on what that is, and then…. Go For It!!!!

  • Fire Ceremony

If gathering like pagans and dancing around a fire circle, while men beat at drums, is a little far out for you… build a camp fire and gather with friends to watch the dancing flames. Being outside at night, under the stars as the flames perform their enchanted groove.


Summer Cleansing Ideas 


Do a watermelon fast

This is pure heaven when it’s hot and you can take a few days to do nothing, lie in the Sun and eat fresh, cold, dripping watermelon!!! You could even just do it  on the weekend and spend quality time with a book or in nature. Packing a big box of cut-up watermelon and go on a hike is about as good as it gets to be honest. Get to the top and eat it all then the hike down will be twice as easy, with a lighter backpack and a refreshed body!


Juice Fast 

There are so many juice cleanse options around these days it’s not worth the hassle making your own. You can get it delivered to you door on a daily basis for less than you could make it yourself! If you do feel called to do a juice fast, my suggestion to you would be to take the time to rest and really allow your body to relate and absorb. This is not meant to be a 5 day struggle of deprivation, this is meant to feel like liberation, and if it doesn’t, then maybe try a raw food cleanse. Remember if you are going to do a juice cleanse you need to eliminate waste, so take activated charcoal or some kind of colon cleansing herbs.


Raw Food Cleanse 

This is my favourite cleanse to do in the summer, it’s light and fresh and easy to combine with your normal working week. You can order them online these days, but I like to do a simple version at home. I make enough raw soup and smoothie for 3 days and keep it in the fridge along with a seed pate and some yummy sun teas and I’m good to go!  I feel like I get the most benefit from this cleanse, it sustains me, helps me to eliminate and keeps my energy levels up.  If you’re interested to know more about this cleanse, feel free to message me.



“Turn your face towards the Sun and the shadows fall behind you”




“A healthy outside, starts from the inside” – Robert Urich


This post was written by Jo Little 

Instagram @creativecleansing