Spirulina de Ibiza

Spirulina de Ibiza is 100% natural, raw and FRESH! One of the most powerful superfood on earth! Packed full of vitamins, minerals and protein.

We are so proud to be part of the local produce and health conscious movement of Ibiza and to be able to bring this unique product to the island.

Our Spirulina is produced in the north of the island, on our small artisanal farm, far away from the pollution. Spirulina de Ibiza is 100% natural, raw and FRESH!

We believe that Fresh Spirulina is the perfect health food. The world’s oldest SUPERFOOD! Packed full of minerals, vitamins and protein.

Spirulina has been created by nature with many benefits!!

We offer raw and living Spirulina as well as frozen immediately after harvest.

We aim to be part of the local food and product movement in Ibiza

Boost immune system
Eye and brain benefits
Anti ageing
100% vegetarian and vegan (60% protein)
Increase muscle strength
Helps reduce risks of cancer
Reduce Cholesterol

Some recipes! 


To find out more:

Email: spirulinadeibiza@gmail.com