Sign: Protect the arctic from destructive fishing fleets

Destructive industrial fishing fleets are moving further north than ever before to exploit pristine Arctic waters, putting an entire ecosystem at urgent risk. Sign Green Peace’s petition. 

Already, fishing vessels have been spotted in previously inaccessible areas of the Arctic, but this is only the beginning. As soon as the ice melts this summer, many more vessels are expected to start fishing as far north as they can, scraping up any forms of sea life that get caught up in their destructive industrial nets.

This beautiful, fragile ocean on the top of the world is less explored than the moon and is home to incredible wildlife like blue whales, polar bears, corals and tiny creatures like the mystical sea butterfly.

We need to protect the Arctic, not destroy it before we have even glimpsed into its mysteries. It’s time for this movement to aim a spotlight on the industry and governments responsible for the future of this precious ecosystem.

Join the movement to protect the Arctic from destructive industrial fishing!


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