Find your Mayan Galactic Dreamspell sign

The Mayan Dreamspell calendar by Jose Argüelles is based on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar. The Galactic Dreamspells are Astrology calculations that go higher in cosmic thinking, for the seekers amongst us.

To find your sign, first click HERE and enter your date of birth.

You will then find your Mayan Dreamspell sign, as well as some affirmations.

Remember the name – I.E. ‘White Cosmic Dog’ – and click this link HERE to find a full reading for your Galactic Signature.

Et voila. Keep hold of this information, contemplate, meditate on it and reference back to it in your cosmic quest of life.



Check also The Mayan Oracle ‘Return Path to the Stars: “The Mayan Oracle playfully aligns us with the powers of the cosmos and with our higher selves”






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