Cosmic Connections #6

Three of the best memes, themes and hacks are hand-picked from the outer reaches of the cosmic Interweb.

Seeing is believing – or is it?

Can you always believe what you see?  Or more to the point can you believe they way your brain interprets a particular set of visual information?  This freakily fascinating 1958 clip from the Bell Laboratory Science Series will twist your eyes and your melon in equal measure.

Pequeno < 5 mins

How to avoid ill judged referendum disasters

What was the second most searched EU related Google term straight after the EU referendum?  ‘What is the EU?’. So we had an informed electorate then.  Step forward Richard Dawkins who has some sage advice on how we may avoid such ill informed decision making in the future.  Clue: it’s not hard to improve the process.

Medio < 15 mins

The closest thing Silicon Valley has to a conscience

This is how the Atlantic Magazine describes Tristan Harris, ex Design Ethicist at Google and a man on a mission to change the way the digital products we use every day – Google, Apple, Facebook etc – are manipulating us for commerical gain.  These platforms are designed to grab and keep our attention at any cost, to exploit our minds rather than empower our choices.  In this realm knowledge is power, so understanding their game takes  you one step closer to beating them at it.

Grande > 1 hour

This post was written by Dan Irwin