An attitude of Gratitude

Give gratitude for everything that you have.

Too often we focus on what is negative in our lives, yet, for what do you feel thankful?

Give thanks for the Sun – the giver of life. For the Moon – the light in the night sky. For the gift of life; for those in it and the lessons they give to you. The air that you breathe, the sounds that you hear, the colours that you see, the energy that you feel.  The experiences that you have had and those to come. The food that you eat. The water that you drink. For your memories. For your dreams. For the Earth that you live on. For the stars in the sky. For your family, for your friends. For your body and everything inside. For everyone that makes your life easier in some way, and for those who make it harder; for they are a catalyst for transformation and for you to learn something new, perhaps forgiveness.  We are all in the energy flow together, the unfolding spiral. It is never you alone. Be grateful.

One tip I read in a book entitled ‘Magic’, was to write down five things you are grateful for every day and the reason why. Write them and feel them. As your gratitude magnifies, so do the possibilities. And a way to heal a negative relationship with someone, is to think about things you are grateful for in that person. Everyone is a mirror of the self. And everything that happens is part of the soul life path you are living.

Happiness Revealed.


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